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The Science of Dreams

How many crazy dreams have you had lately and do you have any idea what they mean?

For Lynda Parry, a world-renowned schema therapist, starting the psychotherapy process by having patients talk about their dreams has led to breakthroughs and healing.

Lynda joined us to talk about her journey to a specialization in dreams, and how her unique approach to mental health care might give each of us something to think about.

A few takeaways from our talk with Lynda:

  • There’s a caretaker deep within each of us that wants us to be healed and speaks through our dreams. Recurring dreams are important to track and pay attention to!
  • The dreams that stick with us tend to be the ones that connect current situations with memories from the past. They can describe and explain our state of being and help direct treatment by therapists.
  • Dreams can help us heal by identifying themes and rescripting the outcome.
  • You can wake up the part of the brain that dreams. Train yourself by keeping a journal and pen by your bed and when you wake up, write down what you remember and how you feel.