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Finding Freedom in Prison

Being on lockdown can feel as though we’ve lost our freedom. Everything we do seems to become unfamiliar, creating a window for fear to move in. Join our first-ever digital Parlay House to hear from Ivy Woolf-Turk who will share…

2020-12-11 • 6:00 pm PST

Challenging Conversations

Communication is tough enough on a good day. Add in the stress of a global pandemic and the relationship strains that come with quarantining for weeks on end and it can feel nearly impossible to avoid conflict. Join this Parlay…

2020-04-02 • 5:00 pm PST

Feel Free to Laugh

Joy can be a powerful healer during scary moments in time. It can relieve stress in an instant - even if only temporarily - and bond us to others who are experiencing the same delicious feeling of becoming overtaken by…

2020-12-08 • 5:00 pm PST

Learn to Zoom

Let’s get you Zooming! We want to help our members adapt to the world of video conferencing so we are hosting a simple Zoom training to get you up to speed. Please join in if you’d like a crash course!…

2021-04-15 • 2:00 pm PST

Be Heard in a Digital World

“Speak your truth” – “Have your voice.” We hear these bits of advice all the time. But what on earth does it mean exactly, and how do we do it, both effectively and authentically? Join us this Thursday with voice…

2020-04-16 • 5:00 pm PST


Women don’t always support each other. There, we said it. While Parlay House is all about connecting authentically and uplifting each other, we know that outside of our safe space, there are very real accounts of female rivalry and competition…

2020-04-23 • 5:00 pm PST


You’ve probably learned that it’s the language we tell ourselves on the inside that dictates the output we experience on the outside, but did you know that you have the power to rewrite the scripts your subconscious mind turns into…

2020-04-30 • 5:00 pm PST


With an uncertain future looming for all of us, Parlay House wants to make sure that our members are as well-equipped as possible to make it through the transition. Last week we talked about mental strength and intention. This week…

2020-05-07 • 5:00 pm PST


Parlay House is partnering with IndieFlix to bring you a screening of their powerful documentary, Angst, followed by a panel discussion on how to address living with anxiety and coping with loved ones who are struggling. Angst is a film-based education program…

2020-05-12 • 4:00 pm PST

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